The product works with all Qi standard integrated devices; Android, iOs or Windows. In case your smartphone does not support the wireless charging standard, it can adapt by connecting a correct type of Qi wireless receiver. The wireless charging ability can be integrated in any smartphone brand or type.

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Qi is a rapidly growing worldwide wireless charging standard, manufacturers have selected it as leader in the industry. Listed beneath are the three main phone adaptation practices you will discover through wireless charging usage. The Qi receivers must be selected with accordance to your smartphone brand and type. SWICH transmits power to any Qi paired device, such as Samsung Galaxy S6, Google Nexus 6, LG G3, …

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From cable to coil

SWICH wirelessly transmits power to smartphones by following the Qi wireless charging standard technology.

Gain power for your smartphone simply by resting it on the stand.

3 easy steps

Connecting SWICH to your local current sets it in standby mode. You can charge Qi compatible devices from that moment on. If your smartphone lacks Qi compatibility, adapt it with a receiver.

The coil in the center of the upper wireless charging pad must be alligned with the coil inside your mobile device. It’s practically invisible, but you get practice in no time.

Your mobile device will acknowledge wireless power transmission and signal the charging process. The mobile phone stands charged and ready to use.

Numerous smartphones can carry the common Qi Receiver Patches under the back cover. You will forget it’s even there.

Place it on the back side and connect it to the phone according to provided instructions.

There is a vast variety of nice designs for iPhone cases that enable phones to Qi wireless charging standard.

Using Qi wireless charging case or back cover is simple: click it on and charge.

Those who refuse to trade their favourite case with a Qi certified case can wear a Qi receiver patch under any casing.

Connect the receiver patch to Micro USB / Lightening port and slide it on the back. Once the receiver is placed correctly, snap the protective case or back cover over it.

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INTERNAL receiver

Phones with integrated wireless charging receiver are:

Samsung Galaxy S6, Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, LG G3, G4, Microsoft Lumia 930, Microsoft Lumia 830, Google Nexus 6, Google Nexus 5. For iPhone models, other Samsung models, HTC, iPad, Android tablets, Huawei and others a charging receiver patch/case is needed.

Some Samsung models have also original back cover with integrated wireless charging receiver.